Papers that have passed the repeatability evaluation present the RE-passed badge next to their title. Note that submitting the RE package was mandatory only for Tool and Case Study papers.

Regular Papers

From Post-Conditions to Post-Region Invariants: Deductive Verification of Hybrid Objects
Eduard Kamburjan

Synthesis of Hybrid Automata with Affine Dynamics from Time-Series Data
Miriam García Soto, Thomas A. Henzinger and Christian Schilling

Synthesizing ReLU Neural Networks with Two Hidden Layers as Barrier Certificates for Hybrid Systems
Qingye Zhao, Xin Chen, Yifan Zhang, Meng Sha, Zhengfeng Yang, Wang Lin, Enyi Tang, Qiguang Chen and Xuandong Li

Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Approximate Optimal Control with Temporal Logic Specifications
Max Cohen and Calin Belta

On the Decidability of Reachability in Continuous Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems
Amaury Pouly and Mohan Sai Teja Dantam

Topological entropy of switched nonlinear systems
Guosong Yang, Daniel Liberzon and Joao Hespanha

Adaptive Parameter Tuning for Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
Mark Wetzlinger, Adrian Kulmburg and Matthias Althoff

Learning Lyapunov Functions for Hybrid Systems
Shaoru Chen, Mahyar Fazlyab, Manfred Morari, George J. Pappas and Victor M. Preciado

Quantizer design for linear switched systems with minimal data-rate
Guilherme Vicinansa and Daniel Liberzon

A Program Logic to Verify Signal Temporal Logic Specifications of Hybrid Systems
Hammad Ahmad and Jean-Baptiste Jeannin

Strategy Synthesis for Partially-known Switched Stochastic Systems
John Jackson, Luca Laurenti, Eric Frew and Morteza Lahijanian

Stability Analysis of Complementarity Systems with Neural Network Controllers
Alp Aydinoglu, Mahyar Fazlyab, Manfred Morari and Michael Posa

Verifiably Safe Exploration for End-to-End Reinforcement Learning
Nathan Hunt, Nathan Fulton, Sara Magliacane, Nghia Hoang, Subhro Das and Armando Solar-Lezama

Optimal Mixed Discrete-Continuous Planning for Linear Hybrid Systems
Jingkai Chen, Brian Williams and Chuchu Fan

Path-Dependent Controller and Estimator Synthesis with Robustness to Delayed and Missing Data
Syed Hassaan, Qiang Shen and Sze Zheng Yong

Verification and Runtime Assurance for Dynamical Systems with Uncertainty
Matthew Abate, Mark Mote, Eric Feron and Samuel Coogan

Switching Controller Synthesis for Delay Hybrid Systems under Perturbations
Yunjun Bai, Ting Gan, Li Jiao, Bican Xia, Bai Xue and Naijun Zhan

Practical Hybrid Optimal Control Synthesis By Classification-based Derivative-free Optimization
Shaopeng Xing, Jiawan Wang, Lei Bu, Xin Chen and Xuandong Li

Compositional Safety Rules for Inter-Triggering Hybrid Automata
Glen Chou, Kwesi Rutledge and Necmiye Ozay

The Computability of LQR and LQG Control
Rupak Majumdar and Sadegh Soudjani

Computing the sampling performance of event-triggered control
Gabriel Gleizer and Manuel Mazo Jr.

Reachability Analysis of Deep ReLU Neural Networks using Facet-Vertex Incidence
Xiaodong Yang, Tomoya Yamaguchi, Hoang-Dung Tran, Bardh Hoxha, Taylor T Johnson and Danil Prokhorov

Tool and Case Study Papers

AROC: A Toolbox for Automated Reachset Optimal Controller Synthesis
Niklas Kochdumper, Felix Gruber, Victor Gaßmann, Moritz Klischat, Bastian Schürmann and Matthias Althoff

Hybrid Modeling and Predictive Control of Large-Scale Crowd Movement in Road Network
Rongxuan Gao, Aolong Zha, Shusuke Shigenaka and Masaki Onishi

FOSSIL: A Software Tool for the Formal Synthesis of Lyapunov Functions and Barrier Certificates using Neural Networks
Andrea Peruffo, Alec Edwards, Daniele Ahmed, Mirco Giacobbe and Alessandro Abate

A Few Lessons Learned in Reinforcement Learning for Quadcopter Attitude Control
Nicola Bernini, Mikhail Bessa, Rémi Delmas, Arthur Gold, Eric Goubault, Romain Pennec, Sylvie Putot and François Sillion

OmegaThreads: Symbolic Controller Design for ω-regular Objectives
Mahmoud Khaled and Majid Zamani