Interval Observer Design of Dynamical Systems With Neural Networks
Weiming Xiang

Epidemic Overdispersion Strengthens the Effectiveness of Mobility Restrictions
Gerrit Grossmann, Michael Backenköhler and Veren Wolf

Adaptive Strategies for rLTL Game
Satya Prakash Nayak, Daniel Neider and Martin Zimmermann

OmegaThreads: Symbolic Controller Design for ω-regular Objectives
Mahmoud Khaled and Majid Zamani

Estimating Infinitesimal Generators of Stochastic Systems with Formal Error Bounds: A Data-Driven Approach
Abolfazl Lavaei, Ameneh Nejati, Sadegh Soudjani and Majid Zamani

Formal Safety Verification of Unknown Continuous-Time Systems: A Data-Driven Approach
Abolfazl Lavaei, Ameneh Nejati, Pushpak Jagtap and Majid Zamani

Filtering over Networks with Random Communication
Aneel Tanwani

On-The-Fly, Data-Driven Reachability Analysis and Control of Unknown Systems:      An F-16 Aircraft Case Study
Franck Djeumou, Aditya Zutshi and Ufuk Topcu