Papers that have passed the repeatability evaluation present the RE-passed badge next to their title. Note that submitting the RE package was mandatory only for Tool and Case Study papers.

Regular Papers

Stability of discrete-time switched linear systems with omega-regular switching sequence (short)
Georges Aazan, Antoine Girard, Paolo Mason and Luca Greco

Multi-Requirement Testing Using Focused Falsification
Johan Lidén Eddeland, Alexandre Donzé and Knut Åkesson

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Template-Dependent Ordering of Path-Complete Lyapunov Methods
Virginie Debauche, Matteo Della Rossa and Raphaël M. Jungers

Using Intersection of Unions to Minimize Multi-directional Linearization Error in Reachability Analysis
Arvind Adimoolam and Indranil Saha

Verifying Switched System Stability With Logic
Yong Kiam Tan, Stefan Mitsch and André Platzer

Temporal Robustness of Stochastic Signals
Lars Lindemann, Alena Rodionova and George J. Pappas

Distributed Hybrid Gradient Algorithm with Application to Cooperative Adaptive Estimation
Mohamed Maghenem, Adnane Saoud and Antonio Loria

Elliptical Slice Sampling for Probabilistic Verification of Stochastic Systems with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications
Guy Scher, Sadra Sadraddini, Russ Tedrake and Hadas Kress-Gazit

Mortality and Edge-to-Edge Reachability are Decidable on Surfaces
Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira and Olga Tveretina

Decoding Output Sequences for Discrete-Time Linear Hybrid Systems. (short)
Monal Narasimhamurthy and Sriram Sankaranarayanan

A Multiresolution Analysis of Temporal Logic (short)
Houssam Abbas and Richard Pelphrey

k-Inductive Barrier Certificates for Stochastic Systems
Mahathi Anand, Vishnu Murali, Ashutosh Trivedi and Majid Zamani

Verifying Neural Network Controlled Systems Using Neural Networks
Qingye Zhao, Xin Chen, Zhuoyu Zhao, Yifan Zhang, Enyi Tang and Xuandong Li

A Simpler Alternative: Minimizing Transition Systems Modulo Alternating Simulation Equivalence.
Gabriel de A. Gleizer, Khushraj Madnani and Manuel Mazo Jr.

Sufficient Conditions for Optimality and Asymptotic Stability in Two-Player Zero-Sum Hybrid Games
Santiago Jimenez Leudo and Ricardo G Sanfelice

Correct-By-Construction Exploration and Exploitation for Unknown Linear Systems Using Bilinear Optimization
Kwesi Rutledge and Necmiye Ozay

Linear Time Monitoring for One Variable TPTL
Bassem Ghorbel and Vinayak Prabhu

Successive Convexification for Optimal Control with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications (short)
Yuanqi Mao, Behcet Acikmese, Pierre-Loic Garoche and Alexandre Chapoutot

Tool and Case Study Papers

ABS: A formally correct software tool for space-efficient symbolic synthesis
Alexander Weber, Elisei Macoveiciuc and Gunther Reissig

ETCetera: beyond Event-Triggered Control
Giannis Delimpaltadakis, Gabriel de Albuquerque Gleizer, Ivo van Straalen and Manuel Mazo Jr.

SOCKS: A Stochastic Optimal Control and Reachability Toolbox Using Kernel Methods
Adam Thorpe and Meeko Oishi

Verification of machine learning based cyber-physical systems: a comparative study
Arthur Clavière, Laura Altieri Sambartolomé, Eric Asselin, Christophe Garion and Claire Pagetti

Fast BATLLNN: Fast Box Analysis of Two-Level Lattice Neural Networks
James Ferlez, Haitham Khedr and Yasser Shoukry

BOCoSy: Small but Powerful Symbolic Output-Feedback Control
Bernd Finkbeiner, Kaushik Mallik, Noemi Passing, Malte Schledjewski and Anne-Kathrin Schmuck